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Are made of this / Soiztega

February 22 2013

5 pm ►Dance Theatre Ljubljana

Photography: Darko Radanović


Are made of this / soiztega is a performance based on the research of the space between us and others, on exploring love as a precondition of any relation with others, and our autonomy within these relations. We reveal the body as the site for different kinds of negotiations and battles, and the place where all events eventually leave traces. We want to understand the motivations of the body, on the one hand as a subject, which is not innocent in its communication with the world, and as an object, which suffers the consequences and is unable to influence decisions of the other. Each one of us is an autonomous subject and closed in within his/her circles of understanding. When we say “I understand you”, how much can we really empathise with the ones we love if we are always closed inside only our own experiences? If we remain scared of opening up too much, obsessed with ourselves – our own thoughts, feelings and wishes – scared to be open or vulnerable, how objective can our impression of the other’s experience be? Where are the boundaries between the two experiences? Empathy toward another individual shows an interest and opens up the possibility for dialogue between the two (or more) entities/individuals/groups. Can we ever share absolutely the empathic experience? The performance deals with subjective understanding of reality and actions that we take to change it, and the impossibility of objectiveness. What happens when our subjective understanding communicates? (Dragana Alfirević)


Concept: Dragana Alfirević
Authors: Dragana Alfirević, Ma’ayan Danoch, Esta Matković, Ivan Mijačević
Performers: Dragana Alfirević, Engin Can, Esta Matković, Ivan Mijačević
Sound: Ivan Mijačević
Visual design: Dragana Alfirević
Production: Plesni Teater Ljubljana / Dance Theatre Ljubljana Poenotiti; glej zgoraj
Co-production: Jardin d’Europe, Nomad Dance Academy,  STATION Service for Contemporary Dance, Beograd, LOKOMOTIVA – Centre for New Initiatives in the Arts, Skopje
55 minutes.